10 Interesting facts about Dirt

This Article provided by Angelina.

Did you know:

1.) 96 percent of plants form symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal fungi
2.) There are 2 kinds of nitrogen: NO3 (nitrates) and NO4 (ammonia)
3.) NO3 is bacteria-dominant and is beneficial to annuals, bulbs and crops
4.) NO4 is fungi based, which aids perennials, shrubs and trees
5.) Slugs are good guys (especially if you’re not fond of hostas…), which live underground as well as on hosta leaves. In the soil, they help break down fungi and bacteria, and that’s a good thing.
6.) Birds are taxi cabs for protazoa (that’s another good thing)
7.) Rototilling is bad for soil health (but you knew that, right?)
8.) Soil depleted of microbes can be rejuvenated by adding compost, using compost tea, mulching and adding mycorrhizal fungi
9.) Mulch with green organics to attract bacteria (to benefit annuals, bulbs and crops)
10.) Mulch with brown organics to attract fungi (to help perennials, shrubs and trees)


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