Dryfast foam: The perfect outdoor cushion material

Blog by The Foam Factory

In recent years, outdoor furniture cushions have offered homeowners a welcome alternative to traditional cushions that are susceptible to mold, mildew, and damage from nature and the elements. Outdoor cushions are generally synthesized from materials that are resistant to water, heat, and microorganisms. One of these materials is Dryfast foam, which has a unique structure that makes it one of the best options for an outdoor foam replacement.

Dryfast foam has a very porous open-cell structure. This is because part of its manufacturing process is using gas to create a flame that quickly passes through the foam and breaks down the thin cell walls. The result is a foam that allows a great amount of air and fluid to move through it, allowing it to dry very quickly even after it is completely soaked. Dryfast’s structure also makes it very easy to clean, as it is easier to rinse out trapped dirt due to water passing through it easily.

Furthermore, certain Dryfast foam products, such as the Dryfast cushions sold by The Foam Factory, have antimicrobial properties, which means that fungi such as mold or mildew will have a difficult time growing. This ensures that you won’t have to replace your cushions because of mold ruining them or mildew causing your allergies to flare up. As a result, Dryfast is uniquely suited for the outdoors, addressing all of the concerns homeowners may have about keeping cushions outside in moist areas.

If you’d like to have some Dryfast foam custom cut to your specifications, contact The Foam Factory for details.

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