How to Freshen Your Bedroom Up for the New Year

Summary: Enhancing the appearance of your room can be achieved by using just a few simple techniques.

As the new year starts you might be itching to freshen your room up. You can use some easy methods to make your room instantly feel more exciting, interesting, and comfortable.

A Place for Everything

A simple approach you can take to keeping your room clean is to make sure there is a place for everything in it. If you regularly find yourself creating piles on your desk, by your bed, or near your closet, you may need to rethink how you keep your room organized. Take a look around your room and come up with a system you can follow to declutter. Do you really need those replacement cushions you have in the corner of your room or could you put them in storage in your garage?

As you follow this system you may start to realize that you simply do not have a place for everything in your room. If that is the case, ask yourself if you can toss or donate some items.

Add Some Color

Another easy way you can make your room more visually appealing is to add a splash of color. You do not need to necessarily replace everything in your room. Rather, you can make some subtle changes to achieve the same effect. Get a colored couch cushion from The Foam Factory or look for some small plants you can put on your desk. You can also repaint your bedroom walls but be careful about the color you choose. Neon green might be too distracting but a more muted green can add character to your room.

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