How to stop your office chair from causing pain

Article by The Foam Factory

If you sit in an office chair with firm, rigid cushioning, you may start to feel pain in your lower back or tailbone by the end of the day. This can become a recurring issue as time goes by, especially as you spend many hours in that old, stiff chair. There are a few helpful things you can do if this sounds like your experience.

First, make sure you aren’t sitting in the same position for a whole workday. Change the way you sit every so often. Get up and stretch when you get the chance. Take a minute to realign and reorient your body before you get back to work.

Second, maintain good posture when you are sitting. Good sitting posture will support your body efficiently and make sure the pressure on your body isn’t being focused solely in one area. Good posture doesn’t lean too far forwards or backwards, props your back on the chair’s backrest, plants your feet on the ground and keeps your shoulders relaxed.

Third, make sure you get good seat cushions if you don’t have them. Maybe your back doesn’t even meet your backrest. You can add some extra padding there to keep your posture and your comfort. More importantly, you can add more cushioning to your chair’s seat to remove all that extra pressure on your tailbone. Foam cushioning is a good choice for office chairs, as it conforms to your body and can be cut into whatever shape you need. The Foam Factory can help you customize your seat cushioning to fit your chair’s measurements.

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