Japanese Anemone “Honorine Jobert”

The first time I saw ‘Honorine Jobert’ was in the south of France — near Nice I think — when I was on vacation and just new to gardening. I was dazzled by an entire border of these tall, white-flowered perennials waving in the wind. When it came time to plant my small woodland garden, I couldn’t get the vision of drifts of  ’Honorine Jobert’ from my mind, so I planted three clumps — and now I have, well, many more. She is a tad prolific! But I don’t mind; I  just pluck out the strays as they spring up.

There are many more of these wonderful fall bloomers, including ‘September Charm’, which comes a close second to ‘H. J.’  Which one would you choose to grow in your “desert island” garden?

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