Tips for keeping your home safe when you travel

Article by Palmetto Biz Buzz

Planning a vacation, a vacation trip or just a family visit can be very hectic. For this reason, one of the most overlooked aspects of leaving your home for an extended period is to maintain the security of your home while you are away.

Tips for keeping your home safe when you travel

By employing basic safety techniques, you can do a lot to keep your home safe while you’re away. The next time you leave for a few days, be sure to follow the following points in mind:

Set the lights on a timer

Although it may seem a bit silly, you can do a lot to keep your home safe. Most potential thieves will spend some time watching a house before breaking into the property. Having the lights on and off automatically at least gives the appearance of activity. If possible, set the timers to turn on and off at different times in different rooms.

Tell your neighbors

Although you do not have to tell everyone that your house will be empty for a while, you should tell neighbors that you know very well that you will be away. This puts them on alert to be more aware of any strange vehicle or people on their property. Also, you can let a trusted neighbor take out your garbage cans on the day of collection, do a quick check of your house and pick up your mail from your mailbox.

Lock all your home doors and windows

When leaving home, most people remember locking all their doors. What many homeowners forget to do is check all their windows. Check all window locks because unlocked windows are one of the most common entry points for thieves. Use your door and window treatments to make it as difficult as possible to see inside your home.

Clean your yard

Before leaving home, be sure to clear leaves, debris, and clutter in your yard. A well maintained and clean home yard makes the home look occupied. Also, you can make some arrangement on how your yard can be cleaned regularly while you’re away.

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